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This is where the fragments and the .gifs are. Simple as that.

To use the fragments, simply modify them for your site. Replace all instances of --yourname-- with your name, --siteid-- with your site ID, yadda yadda. It's pretty self-explanatory. If you have any trouble email me and i'll help you get sorted out.

Feel free to modify the gifs or the code any way you like. It's your site. The fonts used here are PixieFont (the chunky one) and Wild Thing (the one with the swirly bits.) If you have a Mac, i can send you either or both, and in any case, the unmodified pumpkin clipart is also avalible on request.

Also: You don't have to put any of this shite on your page if you don't want to. All i ask you do is put a link to this ring's home (that's, and a link forward and backwards in the ring on the page that you submit to the ring- ie, if the site you submit leads folks to domain/hallow/pics.html, a text link on the bottom of that page will do just fine.

Remember to download the gifs!

Thanks to elly, who took the time to help me out a couple years back, there are two basic options for the ring stuff, if you want it. There's the original (code stolen from Mezroc and modified- sensing a pattern here?)

All of the fragments are at the bottom of the page, ready to be cut, pasted, and modified.

The Great Pumpkin- The Hallowmas Memorial WebRing The Great Pumpkin- The Hallowmas Memorial WebRingThisThe Great Pumpkin- The Hallowmas Memorial WebRing site is owned by

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Or the new, cleaner, single-image version. :

The Great Pumpkin

This The Great Pumpkin - A Hallowmas Memorial WebRing site is owned by
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