The Great Pumpkin Rises

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Honestly, i don't know how many questions one can truly ask about a ring home, but i got some last year, so i figured i'd put this up and add to it if anything else crops up.

Q: What's this all about, then?

Answer: It's about Hallowmas, a gothy Halloween festival that was held in Toronto, Canada in 1999. This ring serves to keep all the attendees' memories in one handy spot.

Q: I really hate the way the ring home looks/ the ring graphics/the way the code is set up/you. What can i do about it?

Answer: As for the page: i'm doing this in my spare time, and freely admit to having little or no talent with HTML and graphics. If something about this site offends your delicate sensiblilities, kindly turn it sideways and stuff gently. If, however, you have a legitimate complaint (can't read the text? hard to navigate?) please < a href="">email me and tell me all about it.

Q: I didn't go to Hallowmas, have never heard of it, and my homepage has absolutely nothing to do with it, but i wanna join this webring 'cause i'm a gothic, too. Can i?

Answer: No. That's why this ring is moderated. Now stop wanking: you're going to give yourself a friction burn.

Q: Help! I still can't add my site to the queue! Now WebRing says that "the Ring is locked". Eh? Now what did you do?

Answer: I probably had just logged out of ring managment when you tried to add yourself,: that's all. Give it about fifteen minutes, then try again.

Q: You know, i added my site to the queue [x time] ago, and you haven't added me yet. What gives?

Answer: In all liklihood, if you added yourself more than two or three hours ago and haven't been put in the ring yet, i'm probably asleep. ;) No one will be refused entry without good reason and a personal explanation.. s'just a bloody ring, after all. You are, of course, if you're impatient, more than welcome to jump up and down in my mailbox, or find me on efnet (#altgothic, Sola or Balisane) and tell me to shake a leg.

Q: Okay, i've filled out the form and added myself to the queue. Now, how do i qualify my site for the ring?

Answer: Just look at the Fragments page and all will become clear.

Q: Ick, i've decided i don't like something about my site information, or just realized i put in the wrong URL/have changed URLS/otherwise want to change my site information for whatever reason. What can i do?

Answer: This is what that handy Site ID and password were for! ^_^ Simply go to Webring's managament page and log in at the bottom. Remember, the name of this ring is "greatpumpkin". From there, you'll be able to change your password and any and all information about your site.

I -do not- have to do this for you! ^_^ It's your site and the information about it is completely under your control. The only reason you'd need me to interfere in the process if if you lose your password, at which point i'll get you a new one.

Q: Why'd you go and set this up, anyway?

Answer: Because there was a need last year, and i stepped up to fill it. Besides, event staffers have better things to worry about than pissant little afterdetails like a webring.

-- Sola (murder at inviolate dot com )

FAQ last updated: 6:35am, November 5th, 1999

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