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Toronto went batty!

Welcome to the Convergence the Fourth Memorial Web Ring.

For those of you who may have just stumbled by, Convergence is a yearly net.goth meeting , held in a different city every year, attended mostly by the denziens of alt.gothic, #altgothic, #gothic, and their satellite groups, though of course, all net and non net.goths are welcome. This webring is dedicated to the written accounts and photographs of Convergence IV, held in Toronto, Canada on August 21st- 23, 1998.

I've just thrown this home page together in the course of a few hours, so don't bitch too much. ;) If there's enough of a hue and cry, i'll improve it a bit later. If anyone wants to take it upon themselves to make a better ring logo, i would be most grateful. Hey, look: there's a guestbook, too. (yeah i know: a guestbook on a ring home? Hey, it's free, and i ain't got nothin' better to do. ;) )

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Toronto went batty!

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Once you've been given a Site ID number, replace all the instances of "--id--" with your ID number. As well, replace the instances of "--yourname--" with.. your name.. yadda yadda, rama rama ding dong. If you have any trouble, email me and i'll try to get you sorted out.

Note: there is now a white version of the ring graphic (courtesy of -eloquence- ) for those of you who have lighter-colored pages. It can be found along with new code on the fragments page.

Please reload this page if you've been here before. I'm constantly updating and winnowing out my little screwups one at a time. ;)

Toronto went batty!

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Toronto went batty!
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